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“It takes a woman to clean House.”

Nancy Pelosi, the first woman Speaker of the House

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How She Does It — Cindi Coleman
Mother to NASCAR driver Brad Coleman, Cindi has to sit in the stands and watch her 20-year-old son fly around a racetrack at 200 miles an hour. Learn how she let her kids follow their dreams and found her own along the way.
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Healthy Child — #1 Issue Some Back-To-School Kids Face? Going #2!
If only potty time was as much fun as party time.

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Ask Dad — How This Dad Keeps Romance Alive
What our featured working dad does to keep his marriage fresh when he's on the road.

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Family Focus — Is Your Child's High School Anything Like "Gossip Girl"?
The scoop on all your (and your kid’s) fears addressed in a great new book.

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Momscopes — What Does September Have In Store?
Intimate partnerships? New life paths? Read about what the new moon brings to your sign.

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WM CEO Carol Evans’ blog about her experience at the Democratic National Convention.
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